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When it comes to fences, aluminum is the superior metal and overall material. Aluminum has a high resistance to rust, which enables it to last for over 30 years during hard hurricane seasons without deteriorating. Our customers often prefer the sleek appearance of black aluminum fences, but we can coat your fence in almost any color you desire to give you a unique look. Aluminum is not susceptible to deterioration if your family regularly participates in sports and activities, which may result in damage to your fence. Our company works with a number of top-notch suppliers in order to provide our clients with quality products.

The fence has a similar look to that of rod iron fencing but does not suffer from rust or wear as with rod iron fencing.

Unlike other materials, aluminum can be used in sloped properties for decades without succumbing to their geography. 

The aluminum we install is precisely positioned to prevent warping and uprooting despite the harsh Florida climate. In addition to being cheaper to buy and more durable than higher-end metal fencing options such as steel and rod iron, this metal requires little maintenance to remain in excellent condition. Aluminum has the highest durability rating of all materials and will endure for up to 30 years without fading or splitting, even after multiple seasons and rainstorms in Florida. Its chemical makeup makes it resistant to rot as well as fading, so moisture damage and sun damage are virtually nonexistent with this metal. Despite our love of installing wood fences, aluminum offers our customers property barriers a much longer lifespan that requires less maintenance and hassle. We have the ability to complete aluminum fence jobs faster than our competitors without sacrificing quality.

We source our latches, bolts, drop rods, hinges, and railings from top suppliers so that you can be confident about your choice of hardware.

We offer a wide range of fencing styles, including horizontal privacy fencing, decorative, ornamental fencing, hardware, caps, textures, and racks.

We can install aluminum fencing for as little as or as much as per linear foot, depending on what type you choose.

We strive to offer our customers a quality product that ensures their property is safe, secure, and durable for years to come. We believe in leading the industry by providing full transparency to our customers by showing them detailed design options before permitting. This allows you to get precisely what you desire.

The moment we arrive at your residence, discuss your options, and set up a date and time for the work to begin, we make sure we listen to any specific requests from the customer. If you do not know your municipality’s property laws, don’t worry, as we will assist you with anything necessary or requests that cannot be achieved. In order to prevent surprises at the end of the project, we do not hide any pricing for the last minute and provide a complete budget outline before starting. We ensure that our team leaves your property line clean and better than it was when we arrived by the end of the installation process.

Compared to other companies, we use top brands for materials, ensuring that you do not need to call us for repairs or replacement work after a few months or years. The price of our services varies depending on the property and the requirements of the client. 

Because we pride ourselves in producing exceptional craftsmanship that you can trust and rely on, we do not offer the cheapest fencing options in the area. Instead, we sacrifice excellence for savings. In the long run, you will be able to rest assured that your property is protected and only increases in value over time.

No matter what type of fence you desire, we provide the most current and high-quality options available locally. Whether you are interested in classic wrought iron fences, horizontal wood fences, or aluminum variations, we have some of the best options available to you. If there is something you have your mind set on that may need to be imported, we have a multitude of experience working with manufacturers both within and outside of the state of California. To ensure that our clients receive what they wish, we will do whatever it takes.

Although some fence contractors may think that you are being too picky, the place you call home should be exactly how you want down to the last detail. Since you have to look at your home every day, we take your safety just as seriously as you do when it comes to aesthetic appearances and practicality.

Our team starts by explaining to you our custom process for installing your fence at your Florida property as soon as we arrive. Our first step is to set up the posts and determine spacing before digging with our high-grade augers in accordance with our plan. Upon ensuring everything is accurate and removing the post holes from the ground, we set the posts in gravel or cement. For wooden fences, we add a preservative to the ends of each post to prevent rot. We will then begin assembling the metal fencing panels that you have selected in advance. Often, we install the gate panels last since this can take the majority of the day, particularly when our clients request automatic gates with electronic components. After installing the gate and testing it, we began cleaning up the area. For more significant properties with more elaborate materials, installation can take several days, depending on the size and scope of the fence project. No matter what your project is, we guarantee to complete it right, leaving you with a beautiful addition to your home as well as additional security for you and your family.

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