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We are one of the leading fence installation companies in the State of Florida, serving Nokomis, Venice, North Port, and Sarasota counties and installing aluminum fences, vinyl fences, wood fences, and chain link fences, as well as other fencing types.

We are dedicated to delivering a quality product that provides a secure, safe, and long-lasting environment for our customers that will last for many years. By providing full transparency with our customers, we ensure you have exactly what you intended by showing them detailed design options before permitting. The moment we arrive at your residence to discuss options and set a date and time for the installation, we make sure we take into consideration any specifications our customers have. In case you are unaware of the property laws in your municipality, do not worry. We will guide you through anything that may be necessary or requests that cannot be fulfilled. In order to ensure that there are no surprises when we finish a job, we do not hide any pricing for the last minute and provide a complete budget outline before we begin. Our team ensures that after the installation process, your property line will remain spotless and better than before we arrived.

We are committed to providing high-quality service, as well as using quality materials, so that you do not have to call us for repairs or replacement work within a short period of time. Our pricing can vary depending on the property and your requirements. Due to our commitment to producing incomparable craftsmanship that you can trust and rely on, we do not offer the cheapest fencing options in the area. Long-term, you will be able to rest assured that your property is protected and only increases in value as time passes.

Each fence type is sourced from the best local manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a classic wrought iron fence, a horizontal wood fence, or an aluminum variation, we offer you some of the best options available in our region. We have a wide range of experience dealing with manufacturers from both within and outside of the state if there is something you have in mind that needs to be imported. 

Our commitment is to provide the best service to our clients. Although some contractors may consider you excessively picky, the place you call home should be exactly as you desire because you must live there every day. There is a strong emphasis on aesthetics as well as practicality, as far as fencing is concerned, because we take your safety as seriously as you do.

Once our team is on the premises, we begin by going over our custom process for installing a fence in your Florida home. Using our high-grade augers for digging, we begin by setting the posts and determining spacing, making sure that every inch is in accordance with our plan. Following verification of accuracy and digging of post holes, we place the posts in gravel or cement and apply a preservative to each post in order to prevent it from rotting. For wooden fences, we add a preservative to the ends of each post to prevent decay. Upon receiving your pre-selected panels for metal fencing, we begin the installation process. 

The gate panels are usually installed last, as they can consume a more significant amount of time, particularly when our clients request electronic gates. Our next step is to clean up the site once the gate has been installed and we have given it a few test runs. Fence installation can take anywhere from one day for larger properties with more elaborate materials to multiple days for smaller properties. No matter what the size of your project, we guarantee to get it done right, leaving you with a beautiful addition to your home and a sense of security for your family.

Here is a quick and easy guide that will walk you through the fence installation process if you prefer to do it yourself.

Getting Your Fence Installed: A Guide & Tips

The DIY Fence Installation Guide for Aluminum and Wood Fences, as well as Tips for Hiring a Professional

Our easy-to-follow installation guide eliminates the guesswork associated with fencing.

#1 Make sure you have an effective barrier against intruders by checking local building codes.

#2 You may decide not to undertake a DIY project and instead hire a professional fence installer or hire a contractor if needed.

#3 Choosing the type of post spacing can affect the overall price and appearance of your new outdoor security system.
Installing the fence materials is the easiest part once you’ve ordered them. A lot of wood fence panels have already been appropriately arranged, so you don’t need to worry about matching up pickets and evenly spacing them.

#4 – Tips for the installation of wood fencing

Despite being known for being relatively easy to install, wood fences will require some time and effort, especially if you plan to save money on the installation costs and do the work yourself. Make sure all materials are stacked correctly and prepared for use, as you have already selected your fence panel style. Before starting the installation process, you should read all installation instructions (included with your fence order) to gain an understanding of the amount of effort required for each task.

#4.1 – Installation tips for aluminum fences

Designed for ease of installation, aluminum fence panels are available in standard sizes of 4 feet by 8 feet, which are ideal for residential as well as commercial fences. In order to complete the installation process, you will only need to go online and select the appropriate type of posts, rails, end caps, etc., as all of the materials will be delivered with your order.

#4.2 – Tips for DIY fence installation

Whether you are a do-it-yourself type (like me) or plan to install your fence panels, do not rush into this decision, as it will take some time and effort! Use a string line as a guide to ensure all posts are perfectly leveled before installation and ensure their straightness with the help of a string line.

#4.3: How to install a wood fence and an aluminum fence:

Read the instructions that come with your fence order before you begin so you will be aware of how much effort each task will require. The arrangement of each panel should be correct if we are talking about wood fences.

Describe the process of putting aluminum fence posts in the ground using concrete and the drying time.

#5 – Aluminum vs. Wood Fencing: Pros and Cons

Why should an aluminum fence be preferred over a wooden fence?

Since aluminum does not require treatment or staining, it is easy to maintain and does not rot when exposed to moisture. It is also more durable than wood. There are no knots in aluminum fence panels, making them less likely to split during installation or as they naturally weather.

As aluminum fence panels do not rot or splinter, they require less frequent maintenance than wood fence panels. As opposed to wood fences, which typically last only 15 years, aluminum fence panels can last up to 50 years. Aluminum fencing is waterproof and, therefore, ideal for coastal regions or any area that receives heavy rainfall. Additionally, it is free of insect infestation and termite damage.

#5 – Aluminum vs Wood Fence – Points to consider

Despite being more attractive than an aluminum fence, wood fences require more maintenance and attention. As wood requires frequent treatment, it can be very costly to maintain, particularly on large properties. It is difficult to climb over wood fences, which makes them unsuitable for homes with children or pets that may escape. As a natural material, wood does not blend well with the surrounding environment or other materials, such as bricks or stones, which makes it appear out of place.

#6 – Cost of aluminum vs. wood

Wood fence installation costs vary depending on its type and quality, but they are typically calculated per linear foot. The cost of a typical wood privacy fence will vary depending on the type of wood used. Aluminum fences are approximately half the cost of wooden fences. Price fluctuations over the years have made them more expensive in many online retail stores.

#7 – Maintenance of aluminum fences versus wood fences

While aluminum fences generally last longer than wood fences, they are not maintenance-free. In order to maintain their good appearance, they require regular cleaning as well as re-painting every few years. Those aluminum fences that are installed underground require special coatings on their rails and posts to prevent corrosion and rust, making them more expensive than wood fences.

The wood on a wooden fence can be maintained for a more extended period of time by applying a regular exterior stain or sealant to keep it looking new. You should also inspect your fence regularly for rot or damage and replace any worn parts immediately in order to prevent further damage and the collapse of your fence.

What type of finish do you require?

Most people prefer a smooth side (with knots) on the other, so there is no split between colors! This way, the fence will blend with its environment. As an alternative, you can choose wood panels or pickets made of aluminum, vinyl, or faux wood. Let our contractors know what you need, and they will definitely come up with a solution!

#8 – Aluminum Fencing vs Wood Fencing: Conclusion

Wood fences are more expensive to install than aluminum fences due to their regular maintenance requirements. The cost of maintenance will also increase over time.

Some homeowners, however, prefer this type of fencing since it is less obtrusive than a typical aluminum fence and can provide privacy without blocking the view.

Precision Contracting Inc. recommends wood fences because they are more maintenance-intensive than aluminum fences, but they are also easier to fix when damaged. You should keep a supply of stain or sealer on hand if you decide to use wood fencing. It is ideal to have wooden fencing on even the smallest of properties as it blends in with the surrounding environment and looks completely natural.

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