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We at Precision Contracting Inc. are familiar with the timeless appeal and versatility of wood fences. We are your go-to fencing installation experts in Florida, whether you prefer the classic picket design or the more modern aesthetics of horizontal wooden fencing. We specialize in providing high-quality horizontal wood fence installations tailored to the specific needs of cities such as Nokomis, Venice, North Port, and Sarasota.

Wood vs. Vinyl: Exploring Affordability

A common question we receive is whether wood fencing is more affordable than vinyl fencing. The cost of wood fencing tends to be lower than that of vinyl fencing, in general. However, the overall cost can be affected by a variety of factors, such as the quality of the lumber and how complex the design is. Precision Contracting Inc. offers free quotes, ensuring transparency and allowing you to choose a design that suits your budget.

Customization and Color Choices

A wood fence can serve as a canvas for creativity. It is possible to paint wood fences in virtually any color. Some homeowners prefer a pressure-treated and stained finish for its natural elegance, while others desire a more personal touch. Various kinds of wood, including birch, bamboo, redwood, and walnut, along with various stains, can be used to create fences that complement the style of your property.

Longevity and Best Wood Choices

Cedar and redwood are the top choices for durability and longevity. Insect-resistant and long-lasting, both can withstand the elements for decades. We recommend these materials to ensure that your investment will last and add value to your property.

Staining and Sealing: Key Maintenance Steps

The use of stain and sealant prior to or shortly after installation is recommended to extend the life of your wood fence. This prevents rain and harsh weather conditions from damaging the wood. Even with durable materials such as redwood, quick application of stain and sealant ensures the fence’s longevity.

Knowing When to Replace Your Wood Fence

Wooden fences that are warped, cracked, and infested with insects are clearly signs that it is time to replace them. These issues compromise a fence’s integrity, and timely replacement is crucial to maintaining security and aesthetics.

Quality Materials and Installation Services

Precision Contracting Inc. offers a variety of materials, including lattice tops, wire mesh, metal frames, and metal posts. Our team is well-equipped to design and install horizontal wood fences that meet your vision and property requirements. The perfect solution is available for anyone, regardless of whether they wish to enclose the entire backyard, create a safe space for their children and pets, or protect their garden from unwanted intruders.

Repair Services and Post-Hurricane Support

Precision Contracting Inc. also offers wood fence repair services as well as full installations. When a hurricane strikes the area, partial repairs are often required. The top-rated contractors we employ bring all the necessary supplies with them to the job, which makes the process of installing or repairing a home convenient for homeowners.

Your Trusted Partner in Horizontal Wood Fence Installation

Precision Contracting, Inc. is committed to providing quality service and transparency throughout the entire project process. Fence panels are available at your local lumber store if you are considering a DIY project. A professional, reliable, and efficient installation is available from Precision Contracting Inc. Our Florida local partners will gladly take on your project if we’re unable to do so within your desired timeframe.

Our horizontal wood fence installation services add beauty and security to your property. Contact us today for a free quote.

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